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PPC Town Hall is our video podcast on all things search marketing. Join Optmyzr CEO, Frederick Vallaeys and his rotating panel of PPC expert guests twice a month at 9 am Pacific.

Some of our top speakers so far

Wil Reynolds
Seer Interactive
Mike Rhodes
Aaron Levy
Brad Geddes
Joe Martinez
Paid Media Pros
Nils Rooijmans
Duane Brown
Take Some Risk
John Lee
Microsoft Advertising
Navah Hopkins
Navah Hopkins LLC
Andrew Lolk
Ed Leake
God Tier Ads
Kasim Aslam
Solutions 8
Cory Henke
Variable Media
Julie Bacchini
Neptune Moon
Michelle Morgan
Paid Media Pros
Kirk Williams
Matt Umbro
Closed Loop
Charles Farina
Patrick Gilbert
Adventure Media
Ginny Marvin
Jim Banks
Spades Media

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PPC Town Hall

PPC Town Hall May 27, 2020

Tips for B2B paid search marketing

PPC Town Hall #9

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