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Our core features

What are the key features of Optmyzr?

You get 2 weeks of unrestricted access to Optmyzr’s core features during your free trial. When you upgrade to a paid subscription, you will also be able to use automation features.

  • One Click Optimizations™
    One Click Optimizations™

    Your PPC Performance and Optimizations tune-up.

  • PPC Insights
    PPC Insights

    Unlock stories hidden in your PPC Data.

  • Reporting & Monitoring
    Reporting & Monitoring

    Create alerts and scheduled reports.

  • Enhanced Scripts
    Enhanced Scripts

    The power of scripts with zero coding.

  • Shopping Ads
    Shopping Ads

    Level up e-commerce.

  • Account Blueprints
    Account Blueprints

    Build more efficient team workflows.

  • Slack Integration
    Slack Integration

    Integrate Slack with Optmyzr.

  • Bid Management
    Bid Management

    Take greater control over any bid strategy, manual or automated.

  • Budget Optimization
    Budget Optimization

    Better control your advertising budgets.

There's more!

Our Automations

What kind of automation is available in Optmyzr?

  • Report Scheduling and more
    Report Scheduling and more

    Send beautiful reports to stakeholders.

  • Scripts

    Run automations every hour, even on MCC accounts.

  • Custom Rule Bidder
    Custom Rule Bidder

    Automate your secret sauce and do PPC faster.

  • Shopping Campaign 2.0
    Shopping Campaign 2.0

    Keep shopping ads in sync with inventory.

  • Logging and Undo
    Logging and Undo

    See who changed what and when.

  • Unlimited Automation
    Unlimited Automation

    Optimise as much as needed for great results
    *reasonable usage policy applies.

"By adding Optmyzr to our paid management team, we were able to handle more accounts with bigger spends effectively. We have doubled the total monthly spend under management while keeping the same number of staff. Our team has better visibility to the detail of campaigns, better efficiencies, and more time to focus on how to make the client happier."

Sean C.

COO, Etna Interactive

"I've been using Optmyzr for close to 6 years now and they are always making things better, smarter, and faster. We started getting more e-commerce accounts and with the help of Optmyzr, we're able to create a more granular shopping campaign that allows us to get a much higher ROAS for our clients."

David J.

VP of Paid Media, Constellation Agency

"Loads of great tools for every aspect of a Google Ads account. Optmyzr really gets it done with evidence-based recommendations to help you get the most out of the account. I love the fact that the tool was created by a former Google Ads employee who knows his stuff and has a reputation for excellence. There are lots of tools that can do some of what Optmyzr does, but this is the one you want — it is more advanced, and generally just does more."

Eron C.

Sr. Interactive Marketing Specialist, MedStar Health

4.7 out of 5 on Capterra

4.7 out of 5 on G2

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Automated, inventory-driven campaigns from your data. More relevant ads with less effort, starting at $249 per month.

Custom PPC

Can't find the right tool? Want greater control over PPC? Let us help you build an API-based automation.

Custom Data Integrations

Send your data to our Machine Learning cloud, or download raw and processed data from your Optmyzr account.

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