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learn with optmyzr smart bidding Sep 15, 2020

Optimizing Campaigns On Smart Bidding: Learn With Optmyzr

There are many ways to improve the performance of PPC campaigns when using automated bid strategies. Here are some specific optimization techniques for campaigns on Smart Bidding.

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learn with optmyzr shopping Sep 01, 2020

Q4 Shopping Optimizations: Learn With Optmyzr

In this video, we'll show you how to use Optmyzr to get your shopping campaigns ready for Q4 and the holiday season.

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learn with optmyzr workflows Aug 18, 2020

Streamlining PPC Workflows: Learn With Optmyzr

Find out how Optmyzr can help you enhance team productivity by building workflows tailored to PPC.

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learn with optmyzr rule engine Aug 11, 2020

Advanced Rule Engine Strategies: Learn With Optmyzr

Learn how to quickly execute complex PPC strategies using Optmyzr's Rule Engine, including low-converting keywords, different conversion types, and more.

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learn with optmyzr Jul 21, 2020

New features update July 2020 - Learn With Optmyzr

Join us to know the big new features in July 2020 and go through the smaller updates that address some of our most popular customer requests.

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workflows Jul 21, 2020

Optmyzr Account Blueprints Overview

A demo of how to use Account Blueprints to organize PPC projects into workflows with tasks that can be owned by different roles on your account team.