PPC Reporting

Use Optmyzr to monitor the performance of PPC accounts, get instant notifications when accounts need attention, and streamline reporting.

Share how your work on PPC accounts is improving performance.

Monitor all your accounts and metrics on a single dashboard.

Get notified about potential issues before they escalate. 

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Report results from online marketing campaigns, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and others.

Custom Reporting Your Way

Share reports in the format that fits your needs

  • Downloadable PDF

    Send reports as a PDF file. Annotate. Schedule.

  • Interactive Dashboard

    Share a fully interactive dashboard with your clients so they can get answers to their questions quickly.

  • Presentation Mode

    Share your report in slideshow mode.

Customize Reports

Create reports to include the data that you want to show

  • Logos

    Make every report look custom by adding the logo of your company while maintaining the report in a generic template that can be applied to multiple accounts.

  • Date Ranges

    Use as many date ranges as you want in every report. Choose from absolute or relative date ranges.

  • Scope

    Mix and match data from multiple accounts, a single account, individual campaigns, or all campaigns that have the same label.

  • Custom Metrics

    Create custom metrics by calculating them from the underlying data from the engines.


Share reports in the format that fits your needs

  • Data Insight Visualizations

    Optmyzr's proprietary Data Insight visualizations can be included in automated reports: word clouds, geo heatmaps, hour-of-week performance charts, Quality Score calculations, ...

  • Charts

    Visualize PPC data on time graphs, as pie charts, or as bar charts. See segments on different lines, for example performance by label, campaign, etc.

  • Tables

    Include any tables of PPC data you can imagine: top ads, top image ads, top queries, top keywords, etc.

Scheduled Reports

Schedule PPC reports to be automatically emailed as PDF attachments on a schedule - daily, weekly, monthly. 

Report Templates

Use an instant report template or, create your own template from scratch. Templates can be used across multiple PPC accounts.

White Label Reporting

Add your logo and your customer's logo to  customize and whitelabel reports. Custom domain for links is also available.

Monitor PPC Accounts

Optmyzr brings together the most critical data about all your PPC accounts and metrics to simplify monitoring account health.

The Account Cues and PPC Investigator feature helps find accounts that are not performing as well as expected and need immediate attention.

  • MCC Dashboard

    See all your account metrics on a single page with comparison data from last period or the same period last year. Include data from Google Analytics, account notes, account labels, and more.

  • Account Health Warnings

    Optmyzr includes a red light / green light icon next to every account to give you an instant view into which accounts may need immediate attention. Simply specify the overall account goal (like sales or leads), and Optmyzr calculates the expected performance indicators and compares your current metrics to automatically show an account health indicator.

Philip Cross
Premeni Services Company

Play With Data Any Way You Want

"Reports - both visual and numeric that allow you to really play with the data in any way that you want."


Instantly find out when there are issues with an account before they escalate.

Email Notifications and Automated Actions

Optmyzr warns you via email when there is an issue with an account and can even take automatic action.

  • Account Anomaly Detector

    Get notified when clicks, impressions, cost or conversions deviate from expected levels for the current day of week and time of day.

  • Automated Landing Page Checker

    Pause ads and keywords automatically when they lead to landing pages that are broken or that contain a predetermined piece of text like "out of stock".

PPC Reporting Tips

Reporting is an essential part of PPC account management and is also very time consuming. By automating weekly and monthly reports, account managers can spend more time optimizing accounts to improve performance.

Optmyzr's report designer lets you create customized reports to include data from Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Google Analytics. These reports can be scheduled to be emailed automatically. You can also choose to use an existing instant report template.

The report designer gives you the option to aggregate data across accounts, campaigns and labels. PPC data can be represented in the form of charts, tables, heat maps and word clouds.

Optmyzr Knows Reporting

Optmyzr's reporting solution is unique and lets you:

  • Include unique data widgets for Quality Score, Geographic performance, hourly performance.

  • Use relative date ranges for scheduled reports so that they can be automated completely.

  • Share reports as PDF attachments and interactive links automatically on a flexible schedule.

  • Include data from multiple Google, Bing and Analytics accounts in the same report.