Enhanced Script: Account Quality Score Calculator


This script provides insight into elements of the AdWords Quality Score that are not available elsewhere in AdWords. It calculates an account weighted average quality score as well as weighted averages for each campaign and ad group. This can help you select which elements of an account to target for optimization. The account level quality score can also be used to measure the impact of the work you do in an account. You can email the daily quality score calculation to yourself to have a historical record of how your performance has changed.

AdWords Account Quality Score in a Dashboard Widget
AdWords Account Quality Score in a Dashboard Widget

Example Use Cases

  • Find the top spending campaigns whose quality scores are lower than the account average and target these for a relevance optimization
  • Store the account level quality score in a spreadsheet for historical charting
  • Email a notification to someone when the quality score of an account passes a threshold set by you
  • If you'd rather not deal with a script, check out our hosted Quality Score Tracker tool

Under The Hood

This script is based on the methodology for calculating weighted quality scores explained by Brad Geddes.

Get This Script

You can run this script from the Enhanced Scripts™ section in your Optmyzr account.