Enhanced Script: Ad Template Report


This AdWords Script produces a report of the various elements of your ad texts. It aggregates data for commonly used headlines, URLs and description lines, and also for entire ads that you use in multiple places in the account.


Example Use Cases

  • Find the best performing ad text elements in your AdWords account
  • Find the best headline, description or display URL for new ad texts
  • Get enough data to make statistically valid decisions about ad text performance by aggregating data from similar ads across an entire account.

Settings and Customizations

Please refer to the script download page for the settings.

Get This Script

You can run this script from the Enhanced Scripts™ section in your Optmyzr account.


7 thoughts on “Enhanced Script: Ad Template Report

  1. I get this error: "Argument cannot be null: sheet (line 47)"

    If I ignore that message and click Preview again I get the message "You already have a sheet with that name. Please try again. (line 25)"

    1. Hi Dave,

      This is already in the works and we should have it ready by Thursday when we'll post it on our site.

      Frederick and the Optmyzr team

  2. I'm also getting an "Argument cannot be null: sheet (line 95)" error. Any ideas on how to fix it?

  3. Hello - I have just ran the script to see what the results are but it seems to be populating only the old style standard text ads (headline, description one, description two etc...) - is there a way for it to display the new expandable text ad format on the spreadsheet please?

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