Enhanced Script: Check Landing Pages


This Enhanced Script™ for AdWords helps find and pause destination URLs that are either broken, or lead to landing pages for out-of-stock products. By automatically pausing the keywords or ads associated with bad landing pages, you'll avoid wasting money on AdWords clicks that have no chance of converting.

The tool checks for 404 errors first. If the page loads fine, it scans the content for the presence of a phrase that indicates it may be a poor landing page, for example "out of stock" or "temporarily backordered". You can specify which phrases the tool monitors.


Example Use Cases

  • Retailers can pause ads when a product goes out of stock
  • Pause ads for products that have a low review score based on user comments
  • Delete ads that lead to broken landing pages

Under The Hood

  • This script goes through every item that has a destination URL in the specified portion of your account. You can specify whether you want to check ad URLs, keyword URLs, or both. You can also limit the tool to only evaluate campaigns whose name includes a phrase you specify. It first checks if the page loads correctly without a 404 error. If the page does not load correctly, it pauses the item or just notifies you depending on your settings. It then loads the content of the landing page and checks whether it contains at least one of the specified phrases of undesirable text. If that text is found, it can disable the item or notify you.
  • This script will only pause items, it cannot delete anything.
  • Optionally, you can assign a label in AdWords to any keyword or ad that gets paused, making it easier to find these back later, for example, when you've fixed the 404 error and are ready to resume your ads.
  • The script sends an email when it is finished checking landing pages.
  • The script puts all URLs it has checked in a Google Sheet, making it easy to see what was checked, and what URLs had 404 errors or issues with the content.
  • The script is able to follow redirects in your destination URLs but if you want to test whether your redirects are compatible, take a look at our FAQs for more details.

This script can be enabled from the Enhanced Scripts™ section of your Optmyzr account.