Hourly Campaign-Level Dayparting for AdWords


This script lets you set hourly bid adjustments for every campaign in AdWords. The AdWords website limits users to 6 dayparts per day. This script enables 24 hourly dayparts by updating the bid adjustments for the next 5 hours. By running this script automatically every hour, you will always have your desired bid adjustments ready for the next couple of hours.


Your bid adjustments can be set by making a copy of this Google Spreadsheet.

  • Make a new tab for every campaign you want this script to manage. The name of the tab should be an exact match of the name of the campaign in AdWords. This is case sensitive.
  • To temporarily pause bid adjustments for a campaign, you can add the word 'paused' before or after the name of the tab.
  • If you want to apply the same dayparting bid adjustments to all active and paused campaigns, use the tab with the name "All Campaigns"

Different Bid Adjustments Per Campaign

AdWords accepts bids ranging from -90% to +900%. If your value falls outside this range, the spreadsheet will highlight the incorrect field in red. The script will break if you use values outside of Google's accepted range.


To set a bid that is 90% lower than your normal bid from 1am to 2am on Mondays, enter the value '-90%' in the row labeled "MONDAY" and the column labeled "1".

To set a bid that is 50% higher on Sundays from 3pm to 4pm, enter the value '50%' in the row labeled "SUNDAY" and the column labeled "15". (the script uses 24-hour notation)

Just like in Google's dayparting settings, you are entering the bid adjustments so if you want your bid to be 150% of normal, you enter 50% as the bid adjustment. This 50% gets added to the regular bid, and we get your desired bid that is 150% of normal.

Hourly Bid Adjustments in AdWords


If this script fails to run for more than 5 hours in a row, your account will have incorrect bid adjustments. When you no longer want to use this script, be sure to manually remove all dayparting bid adjustments.

Bid adjustments are stacked on top of each other. If you have geo bid adjustments and device bid adjustments, make sure you take these into consideration. For example, if your device modifier is 120%, and your geo modifier is 75% and your daypart adjustment is 110%, your final bid is 120% * 75% * 110% = 99%.

Install this Enhanced Script in your Optmyzr account.