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Advanced Budgets - Pause When Things Spend Too Much


Get more control over how much you spend on AdWords with this Enhanced Script.

Maintain your own advanced budgets:

  • Set budgets for campaigns, ad groups, keywords, or ad texts.
  • Set budgets for monthly, weekly or daily periods.
  • Pause items when their cost exceeds the maximum budget you specified.
  • Re-enable paused items when a new budget period starts.
  • Get notifications via email when changes are made or when an account exceeds a total cost for the period.

How It Works

  • The script can check all items at the selected level of the account:
    • the entire account
    • all enabled campaigns
    • all enabled ad groups
    • all enabled keywords
    • all enabled ad texts
  • The script can also be configured to check only those items from the above list that have an AdWords label that you've created.
  • The script checks if the cost for any item exceeds the maximum allowed during the current budget period.
  • When the cost of an item exceeds the maximum amount, the item is labeled and paused.
  • When the script runs during the first hour of the start of a new budget period, it re-enables any paused items with the label that was added when the script paused the item.
  • The script sends an email when items are paused or re-enabled.
  • If the script is used to check the cost for an entire account, it will only send a notification email when the cost exceeds the allowed amount. It does NOT pause the account. It will continue to send the warning email until there are no active campaigns in the account or until the next budget period starts.
  • The script has been tested to work with the following campaign and ad group types: search, display, shopping.

Example Use Cases

Send yourself an email when the cost of an entire account is coming close to your total budget for the month so that you can pause the campaigns to prevent incurring more charges than you want for the month.

Limit the amount of money you spend on experimental keywords by adding a label to experimental keywords and then checking that none of these keywords exceed your maximum allowed cost for the day, the week, or the month.

Read Before Using

IMPORTANT - This script must be scheduled to run every hour if you want it to re-enable paused items at the start of a new budget period. If the script does NOT run during the first hour of the start of a new budget period, your items will remain paused.

This script is limited by Google's current limits for how many items can be checked. This means that the script will only be able to check up to 250,000 entities. If you need to check more, you can use labels and set up multiple settings using Optmyzr's patent-pending Enhanced Script technology.

Limit AdWords Budget

Pause Campaigns, Ad Groups, or Keywords When They Spend Too Much


This AdWords Script can automatically pause campaigns, ad groups, and keywords when they reach a predefined spend threshold and re-enable them the following day.Limit AdWords Budget

Example Use Cases

  • Limit the maximum cost for a new keyword or ad group you are testing
  • Set different daily spend limits for campaigns so that it can spend a different amount on weekdays vs weekends

Settings and Customizations

You have to create two copies of this script and place them both in your AdWords account. The first runs hourly and checks if spend today for any campaign, ad group, or keyword with the label 'Limit Daily Spend' is greater than 100, and if so, pause it.

The second copy of this script should be set to run every morning between midnight and 1am and enables any campaigns, ad groups, or keywords with the label 'Limit Daily Spend'. This is needed so your items that got paused by the hourly script are automatically unpaused every day.

The settings below let you customize whether the script works on campaigns, ad groups, keywords, or ads; the label name you are using to identify items that should be evaluated; the maximum cost; the time range to evaluate; and the email to notify:

  • scope - accepted values are "Campaigns", "Ad Groups", "Keywords", "Ad Text"
  • maxCost - set this to the maximum cost for each item.
  • dateRange - the amount of time in which the item is allowed to accrue no more than the maxCost - TODAY, LAST_7_DAYS, LAST_14_DAYS, LAST_30_DAYS
  • labelName - set this to the name of the label you are applying to the items to be included
  • email - set this to the email address to get a notification when the script makes changes

Download Script