Shopping Ads

Just Updated! Optmyzr now simplifies the creation of shopping ads for Google and Bing and delivers better return on ad spend with powerful bid management capabilities. 

Build and maintain advanced shopping campaigns, including the Grip structure.

Manage bids more efficiently for more profit.

Automatically share results about shopping campaigns 

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Create Shopping Campaigns

Build thousands of product groups in minutes, not days.

Shopping Campaign Builder 

Define the hierarchy of how your product groups should be structured and Optmyzr will build all the corresponding product groups, whether there are 10 or 10,000.

  • Create Product Groups

    Product groups are structured automatically from the attributes in your merchant feed.

  • Create Ad Groups 

    Put all product groups in one ad group, or make new ad groups based on an attribute in your feed.

Shopping Campaign Refresher

When the products you sell change, your product groups and ad groups can get out of sync with what's in your merchant feed. Optmyzr automatically finds updates in your feed and refreshes your structure in Bing Ads or Google Ads.

  • Add New Product Groups

    New product groups are automatically added when new product attributes appear in your feed to ensure your structure remains intact so you can manage performance better.

  • Remove Product Groups

    When product groups are no longer needed when your merchant feed changes they are automatically removed to keep your Google Ads structure simple to manage.

Bid Management For Shopping Ads

Better manage bids for shopping ads and meet your ROAS targets

Manage bids for all your shopping campaigns, ad groups and product groups in one step. Optmyzr's custom filters help you quickly hone in on items that need a bid adjustment and our One-Click Optimization lets you quickly act on the data.

  • Manage Bids At Scale

    All biddable elements of your account are shown on a single page. Use filters to find items that need a new bid and apply changes with one click.

  • Rolled up data helps you decide

    When individual product groups don't have enough data to make a bid adjustment decision, Optmyzr shows you aggregate data from similar products with similar bids to help you discover patterns that can be used to bid smarter.

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Report Shopping Ad Performance

Automated reporting for Shopping Campaigns

Report Designer 

Create custom reports that include data from Google and Bing Shopping Campaigns.

  • Compare Performance

    Compare performance of different Shopping Campaigns against each other and across different date range options.

  • Schedule Reports

    Email custom reports on a schedule. Track performance of key metrics through weekly and monthly reports.

Google Ads Shopping Ad Tips

Shopping ads, sometimes also known by their old name: Product Listing Ads (PLAs), are easy to start in Google Ads but setting them up to give you the control needed to drive profitable results can be tricky and time consuming. Optmyzr's Shopping Ad tools address some of the most common frustrations related to managing shopping ads.

Optmyzr recommends structuring shopping ads in several campaigns and ad groups so that you can take advantage of granular bid adjustments for device type, location and dayparts, as well as maintain control over the queries your ads show for by adding negative keywords.

Bids for well-structured campaigns that have hundreds or more ad groups can be challenging to manage. That's why Optmyzr built the filtering capabilities that are missing from Google. In just 3 clicks, you can set new bids for product groups that cost too much, or to drive more volume to profitable ones.

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Optmyzr Loves Shopping Ads

In 2014 when Google launched the new format of Shopping Ads, Optmyzr was one of the first tools to support this new campaign type and we continue to build tools to help ecommerce advertisers save time while meeting their profitability goals.

In addition to our core shopping ad tools, Optmyzr supports shopping campaigns in the following ways:

  • The hour-of-week bidder can set dayparting bid adjustments for shopping campaigns.

  • The Negative Keyword Finder can be used to add negative keywords to shopping ad groups.

  • The Hourly Dayparting script can be used to set different bid adjustments for every hour of every day for shopping campaigns.

  • The report engine fully supports shopping campaigns from Bing Ads and Google Ads.