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Optmyzr has all the tools you need to build winning Responsive Search Ads, Extensions and Assets — from finding strong text assets to improving ad strength, pinning, and more.

Optmyzr Ad Management and Optimization Capabilities

Refresh Ads with New Text

Quickly refresh ads with new text in bulk. Edit existing ads, or create new ones. Find ads with low ad strength, and instantly update them with Smart AI based suggestions. If required, you can also download suggestions and get them approved before applying.

Optimize RSAs (Responsive Search Ads) and Assets

Improve ad strength for RSAs by identifying assets that are not performing well, and making edits to them. Pin assets that are performing well. Get AI based suggestions for improving and optimizing ad strength.

A/B Testing for Ads

Perform A/B tests across RSAs and display ads. Create new ad variations based on AI suggestions, as well as existing ads in your account. Test ad variations against each other, pause the ones that are not performing well, and launch new ads to continue testing.

Ad Text Optimization

Analyze Headlines and Descriptions across your Google Ads account. Make bulk changes to text in assets. Consolidate assets across your account and see aggregate performance trends. Edit existing ads, or create new ones. Manage pinning of assets.

Ad Creation

Identify ad groups with low number of ads or ads with poor ad strength, and create new ads for them. Create new ads based on AI suggestions, and existing ads in your account. Launch holiday ads, or ads for special events like Black Friday, Back To School, or your Annual Sale in minutes across your account.

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