Stop paying over the odds on CPC bids and missing out on clicks.

Automated bidding makes it easier to focus on other aspects of PPC management. Optmyzr makes it easier to feed them the right proprietary data so they can bid more intelligently.

Bid Management Capabilities

Set better targets for maximum profitability.

Find the sweet spot between conversions and profit margins by optimizing your automated bidding targets. Whether your target is ROAS or CPA, we’ll help you get to the right place faster. Works at both the campaign and ad group level.

Tell ad platforms the true value of your conversions.

Get more of the leads that drive profit for your business. Review your audience segments in the Segment Explorer, then rate them based on value in the Segment Scorer. Finally, use Optimize Value Rules to tell Google how to increase or decrease its bids for users from specific segments.

Master the Smart Bidding + Broad Match combination.

Broad Match offers opportunities you might not have captured, but those keywords can get expensive very quickly on Smart Bidding. Turn non-converting queries into negative keywords through Optmyzr, and set a rule so that you don’t spend any more than you need to make a decision.

Safeguard against glitches in Smart Bidding.

The algorithms that govern Smart Bidding have malfunctioned several times before. With Optmyzr, you can build automated rules to safeguard against those moments. And regain the confidence to reap the benefits of Smart Bidding with none of the downside.

Make smarter decisions when you control the bids.

Get the data you need to make better decisions when using manual bid adjustments. See which countries, regions, and cities return the best performance with our Geo Heat Map. Or which parts of the day get the best clicks per impression.

Take back control of your PPC destiny.

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Bid Management FAQ

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What is automated bidding?

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