Retain your competitive edge with automation layering.

Increase productivity, manage performance at scale, safeguard your budget, and save time with automated audits, alerts, rules, and scripts.

PPC Automation Capabilities

Give your PPC accounts the next best thing to insurance.

Ad engine automation is capable of great things, but it’s also capable of great mistakes—like exponential surges in automated CPC bids. Automation layers let you create safeguards against those situations, either alerting you to intervene or taking specific action that you decide.

Ramp up the output and outcomes of your current team.

Automation can perform several tasks better than humans, like analyzing large volumes of data without error. Human practitioners who work with automation will find time to optimize feeds, creative assets, and business data—all things better left to people.

Manage accounts at scale like never before.

Optmyzr’s automation lets you do things you could never feasibly achieve by hand. Check for overspending campaigns with a script. Get an alert when conversions dip below the normal pace. Create a rule that adds anomalies to a report for you to investigate later. All for any number of accounts at the same time.

Do well, even with less.

It’s tough out there for PPC teams—agency and in-house teams. Working with reduced budgets, smaller teams, and greater demands? Automation layering lets businesses sustain cash flow, deliver client satisfaction, and reduce the amount of time practitioners spend per account.

Reclaim control of your PPC destiny.

The people running PPC accounts know best and need to have the final say. That’s why we’ve built a robust range of automation layering capabilities that require no coding ability—audits, alerts, rules, scripts, and more. All with readymade templates so you can get started quickly.

Take back control of your PPC destiny.

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PPC Automation FAQ

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