What automation takes away, automation layering gives back.

Ad platform automation often restricts control and visibility. With Optmyzr, you create layers of your own automation to reclaim those advantages and amplify human marketing inputs.

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Do better work than you could alone

Amplify the impact of human marketers.

Data inputs are rapidly becoming the most critical part of successful PPC campaigns. Optmyzr's automation controls give you the time and space to pull and feed the right data, so that ad platforms can make better decisions.

Get the closest thing to PPC insurance.

Protect your ad accounts from fluctuations and malfunctions made by ad platform algorithms. Use Optmyzr to create automation layers: more checkpoints before a bad decision negatively impacts your account.

Build in Excel, scale in Optmyzr.

Use a spreadsheet to monitor or optimize a PPC account? Automate that entire strategy in Optmyzr — from pulling the right data, to applying changes, to monitoring the outcome.

You write it, we automate it.

Our powerful Rule Engine lets you automate almost anything in PPC. It's like having a program that replicates your exact process, without having to write a single line of code.

Bypass ad platform limits.

Ever grown frustrated with what Google or Microsoft won’t let you do? Optmyzr connects directly to ad APIs, putting our capabilities above and beyond what native interfaces allow.

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Take back control of your PPC destiny.

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