Make PPC integral to your brand's digital strategy.

Amplify the talent and productivity of your paid media team

Connect the dots between PPC and other marketing teams.

Use data insights and performance data from Optmyzr to inform decisions in SEO, content, brand, product, and other marketing teams.

Use your data to get better results with automated campaigns.

Connect your first-party business data (CSV, XML, and more) to help ad platform automation make better decisions.

Improve team efficiency with customizable workflows.

Account Blueprints allow you to standardize any process with accountability, such as onboarding new hires or delivering a certain level of client service.

Build and automate any PPC strategy you can write down.

Use the Rule Engine's powerful capabilities to edit or build your own rule-based automation using "if/then" conditional logic.

Put account monitoring on autopilot.

Know what your accounts are up to no matter where you are. Set up alerts, conduct root cause analysis, and get notifications delivered to you.

Take back control of your PPC destiny.

Try Optmyzr for 14 days. No credit card required.

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