Know everything that happens in your ad accounts.

Track and optimize performance with timely alerts, rule-based actions and precautions, real-time budget tracking and insights, and automated processes.

PPC Monitoring Capabilities

Spot hiccups before they become problems.

Create alerts for KPIs and budgets to get notified as soon as performance deviates, budgets are exhausted, or you hit a specified target. Alerts can be delivered to you via email, Slack, Teams, and other workspaces.

Tell campaigns exactly what to do when you’re not around.

Build automated rules that tell ad engines what to do when certain conditions are met. The Rule Engine comes with dozens of templates for the most common PPC issues, or you can create your own. Specify a change to make or simply add it to a report for future investigation.

Get to the bottom of changes in performance – good or bad.

Sudden decrease in conversions? Sudden increase? PPC Investigator shows you exactly what led to it. Switch between cause charts (relationship between metrics) and root cause analysis (identifying account issues) to understand why things changed.
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Build a blueprint for PPC excellence.

Whether it’s onboarding a new client or making sure things happen when they should, success depends on proven processes. Account Blueprints lets you create sets of PPC tasks for any goal. Assign owners, set frequencies and due dates, and give people a blueprint for victory.

Say goodbye to budget surprises.

Keep a real-time eye on the progress of your current budget cycle. With the Spend Projection feature, you’ll never wake up to a mid-month surprise. See projected minimum and maximum spend for daily and cumulative budgets at any time during the month.

Take back control of your PPC destiny.

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