Optimize Manual Bidding for Google Ads and Microsoft Ads

Optimize bids based on performance. Optimize bids based on location, time of day, audience, and more.

Optmyzr Manual Bidding Optimization Features

Bid to First Page

Get high potential keywords to the first page of Google search results. Identify keywords that need a little push to get to the first page. Optimize bids to get them to the first page. Automate your strategy to save time.

Bid to Increase Conversions

Identify keywords that have good conversion rate but are not getting enough traffic. Optimize bids to increase conversions for such keywords.

Location based Bid Adjustments and Optimizations

Identify locations that are performing well, and optimize bids for them. Also, identify locations that are not performing well, and exclude them or bid lower. Visualize performance of locations on a heat map.

Hour of the Day and Day of Week Bid Adjustments and Optimizations

Identify the most profitable time slots, and set bid adjustments for them. Also, identify day parts that are not performing well, and lower bids or stop showing ads for those day parts. Focus your Google Ads budget on the most profitable time slots.

Audience Bid Adjustments and Optimizations

Set bid adjustments for audiences based on performance. Identify in-market, or custom audiences that are performing well, and give them preference. Automate your strategy to save time.

Rule-based bid automations

Go beyond Automated Rules in Google Ads. Use our Rule Engine to build custom optimization strategies and monitoring rules. Use our library of pre-built strategies for campaigns, keywords, placements, search queries, and more. Use advanced strategies that include custom conversion data or business data from your CRM system like Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Spreadsheets, and other data sources.

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