Advanced PPC Campaigns for Google Search and Shopping

Weather, Inventory, ROAS and Price based campaign structures for Google Search and Shopping.

Optmyzr Advanced Campaigns Features

Optmyzr Smart Campaigns for Shopping

Build smart shopping campaigns for Google Ads based on ROAS, price, or any other performance and feed attributes within minutes using Shopping Campaign Automator. Automatically keep the campaigns up to date with the latest feed and performance data. Recommended for e-commerce advertisers who want to break free from the limitations of PMax Retail campaigns.

Inventory Based Search Campaigns

Build search campaigns based on inventory or product feeds. Advertise only products that are in stock and available for purchase. Automatically pause ads for products that are out of stock. Ensure 100% coverage for your products in your Google search campaigns. Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords are automatically updated with the latest feed data.

Search campaigns from structured data

Build Search campaigns at scale based on structured data from Google Spreadsheet, Merchant Center Feed, Custom XML, JSON and more. Examples include (but not limited to) automotive dealerships inventory from DMS, real estate listings from MLS, job listing feeds, hotel inventory, and more.

Weather Based Campaign Targeting

Build PPC campaigns based on weather conditions. Change budgets and pause or enable campaigns based on predicted weather conditions in any city. Recommended for businesses impacted by changing weather conditions such as (but not limited to) HVAC, snow removal, lawn care, automotive care, and more.

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Optmyzr Advanced Campaigns FAQs

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