Optimize all aspects of PPC Search Campaigns

Optimize, Monitor, and Manage Keywords, Queries, Ads, Budgets, and more.

It's time to make PPC management less complex

Ad Optimization

Optimize and A/B Test Ads on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. Optimize Responsive Search Ads, Assets, Extensions and more. Optimize at scale based on performance. Make bulk ad changes with one click. Get AI Based Ad Suggestions.

Query and Keyword Management

Identify and add queries as positive and negative keywords. Optimize keywords based on performance. Find pockets of wasted spend. Optimize keywords and search terms at scale, across accounts. Automate PPC search terms and keyword management with custom rules.

Location, Weather, Audience, Ad Schedule Optimization

Optimize ad targeting and bid adjustments for locations, audiences, devices, and more. For automated bidding, manage ad schedules, audiences, and split campaigns by geography. Build advanced campaigns that sync with changing weather conditions.

Optimize Smart Bidding

Find the perfect balance between Google Smart Bidding and your business goals. Use automation layering to push Google Smart Bidding to deliver for you. Make smart adjustments to Target CPA and Target ROAS at campaign and ad group levels.

Optimize Manual Bidding

Get the best out of Manual Bidding. Optimize bids based on performance, location, seasonality, audience, and more. Push high potential keywords to the first page of search results. Reduce bids of low performing keywords and products. Automate PPC strategies to save time.

Rule Based Custom Optimizations

Go beyond Automated Rules in Google Ads. Use our Rule Engine to build custom optimization strategies and monitoring rules. Use our library of pre-built strategies for campaigns, keywords, placements, search queries, and more. Use advanced strategies that include custom conversion data or business data from your CRM system like Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Spreadsheets, and other data sources.

Budget Tracking and Optimization

Track budgets across Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, and Amazon Ads. Get alerts when budgets are exceeded or they underspend. Automatically pause and re-enable campaigns based on budget targets. Get smart AI-based projections for ad spend. See how much you are likely to spend by the end of the month or quarter. Reallocate budgets across campaigns easily based on performance.

Optmyzr Advanced Campaigns

Create advanced campaign structures based on weather conditions, product inventory, and more. Split shopping and PMax campaigns by product performance including ROAS. Campaigns are kept up to date automatically by Optmyzr.

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