Meet Your Co-Pilot for Performance Max Success

Optmyzr simplifies PMax campaign management and ensures your money goes where you want it to go by giving you more visibility and control over performance.

An easier and more efficient way to manage Performance Max

Simplify PMax campaign management and gain more control over targeting. Now you can easily set budget limits for each channel and audience segment.

Build Structured PMax Retail Campaigns

Create PMax for Retail campaigns 10x faster than Google, bulk-create structured campaigns, and auto-sync with your merchant feed. You can easily create ROAS or price-based campaigns, and Optmyzr will automatically place eligible products in them.

Regularly Optimize Your Feed’s Quality

Quickly identify Merchant Feed issues through regular audits on a weekly or monthly basis and make instant product attribute changes with Optmyzr Express.

Target Ads to Your Best Audience Groups

Identify asset groups without any audience signals and easily add them across multiple accounts. You can also identify and exclude non-converting locations at country, city, region, and Zip code levels.

Make Insight-Based Decisions for Channel Distribution

Check the distribution of KPIs across PMax channels using Performance Max Channel Distribution widget. Then, you can A/B test your best-performing channels with a specific set of PMax campaigns of your choice to make informed PPC decisions.

Keep Your PMax Budget in Check

Define the value of different conversions by integrating Value-Based Bidding with PMax. And use our Rule Engine for setting alerts to find costly, underperforming listing groups and locations and easily exclude them based on your specific criteria.

Take back control of your PPC destiny.

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