PPC Account Audits and Grader for Google Ads, Microsoft, and Amazon

Perform Structure, Hygiene, and Performance Audits for your PPC Accounts. Get a audit grade and automated updates. See historical audit score.

Optmyzr PPC Account Audit Features

PPC Account Structure Audits

Find if you have the right number of ads and keywords based on latest best practices. Find issues and make fixes from within our easy to use interface.

Account Audit Score

Get a grade for your PPC Account. See how your account has performed over time. See how your account compares to other accounts in your industry.

Ad and Keyword Audits

Detect missing RSAs, duplicate keywords, conflicting keywords and more - all in a single report! Edit ads, add keywords with one click.

Campaign and Ad Group Audits

Find campaigns and ad groups missing assets and extensions like sitelinks and callouts, among others. Find campaigns few or no negative keywords and incorrect location targeting. Find ad groups with too many or too few keywords or ads. Perform fixes without leaving the page.

Shopping and Feed Audits

Find issues with Merchant Center Feed for Shopping and PMax Campaigns. Audit your e-commerce accounts and shopping campaigns. Ensure that the product feed complies with best practices.

Account Performance Dashboards

In depth overview of PPC account insights and trends in one dashboard. Historical trends, conversion anomalies, competitor analysis, change history analysis, and a lot more - all in one place.

Cross Platform Performance Dashboards

View performance of all your accounts in one dashboard. View Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon Ads accounts in one place. Manage budgets across platforms.

Change History Analysis

Analyze change history for Google Ads accounts. Find correlation with performance changes. Find changes that may have impacted account performance.

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