Manage Search Queries and Keywords at Scale

Analyze search query trends, add new keywords, add negative keywords, remove duplicates, sculpt traffic and more.

Optmyzr Search Query and Keyword Management Capabilities

Find new keyword ideas

Get new keyword ideas from high performing search queries and add them with a single click. Only get recommendations for keywords that are relevant to your business and are not present in your account.

Add negative keywords

Get negative keyword ideas from search queries that are not performing well and are not relevant to your business. Add negative keywords with a single click and reduce wasted spend and increase ROI.

Non-converting keywords and queries

Identify keywords and queries that are not converting. Pause underperforming keywords. Add non-converting queries as negative keywords to improve ROI and spend budget on queries that are converting.

Search Term Word Cloud and Search Term N-grams

Visualize aggregate search query data to identify search trends and patterns. Identify new themes your customers are searching for and build ad groups for them. Add irrelevant n-grams as negative keywords to shared negative keyword lists in your Google Ads account.

Traffic sculpting to avoid keyword overlap

Sculpt traffic by directing search queries to the right ad groups. Avoid keyword overlap by identifying search queries that are matching to multiple ad groups and direct them to the most relevant ad group to show the most relevant ad.

Track and improve quality score

View Quality Score trends over time at the account, campaign, ad group, and keyword level. Optimize ad groups and keywords with low Quality Score to reduce CPCs and improve ROI.

Remove duplicate keywords

Find Duplicate Keywords and remove them to avoid keyword overlap. Get recommendations on which duplicate keywords to remove based on performance.

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Search Query and Keyword Management FAQs

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