Show, don't tell clients and bosses about your contributions to growth.

Reporting is one of the aspects PPC professionals care about the most. With Optmyzr, you can use reports to point both ad platforms as well as teams/clients in the right direction. We would like to use the metaphor of a teacher to maintain consistency with our brand messaging.

PPC Reporting Capabilities

Paint the complete picture of your impact on marketing.

Our reporting features are built specifically for paid media professionals and PPC campaigns. With dozens of customizable widgets, you'll find virtually any data visualization you could want.

Build once, report forever.

Create and templatize reports for use in any account linked to Optmyzr. Send your stakeholders easy-to-read, useful reports without spending time on data aggregation every month.

Make report delivery a passive process.

Get reports out on time with an automation schedule. With the time saved on reporting, focus on taking account performance to the next level. You can also share revamped account dashboards with clients or bosses for quick insights and performance summary.

Take back control of your PPC destiny.

Try Optmyzr for 14 days. No credit card required.

PPC Reporting FAQ

What types of reporting are supported in Optmyzr.

Does Optmyzr’s reporting solution support cross-platform reporting?

Can I schedule automated report generation and delivery to streamline my reporting process?

Can comparative reports be created to assess the performance of different ad campaigns or periods side by side?

Can an account summary be generated and included in the report?