Everything you need to run the best versions of your Search campaigns.

Optmyzr has all the tools you need to build winning Responsive Search Ads — from finding strong text assets to improving ad strength, pinning, and more.

Search Ads Capabilities

Build Search ads that get the response you want.

Create responsive search ads, either from scratch or using the expanded text ads from your legacy Search campaigns. Find the best performing headlines and descriptions in your account. Apply text changes to single ads or in bulk.

Let the data tell you which ads to run and which ones to pause.

Test a variety of Search and Display ads—legacy and expanded text ads, responsive search and display ads, dynamic search ads, image ads, and call ads. Find winners, iterate newer versions, and pause low-performing ads.

Understand the reasons behind Search ad performance.

See a world cloud of which queries drive the most impressions, clicks, cost, and conversions. Investigate a dip or rise in performance to see if your ads were responsible. Find broken links, and see where your ads and landing pages need improvement.

Keep your ads in top shape no matter where you are.

Search campaigns should run smoothly even when you’re not actively working on them. Set up automated rules to report on disapproved ads, identify ads with low/declining click-through rates, or pause ads targeting keywords with a high number of clicks but low conversions.

Get a health check for your text ads.

Audit your Search campaigns to find areas of improvement. We have ready-to-deploy audits to spot duplicate elements, ad groups without responsive search ads, and high-cost ad groups. Get suggested next steps and improve your campaigns immediately.

Take back control of your PPC destiny.

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Search Ads FAQ

What tools in Optmyzr support RSA management?