Optimize Shopping campaigns for profit, not just sales.

Streamline campaign management and maximize the value of your conversions with Optmyzr’s shopping capabilities.
And get the perfect blend of automation and control with Optmyzr Smart Campaigns.

Shopping Ads Capabilities

Get new campaigns live faster – and keep them in mint condition.

Build Shopping campaigns 10x faster than you can in Google Ads. Turn on Campaign Refresher to sync and auto-adjust campaigns based on changes in your feed, such as products being added or becoming unavailable.

Optimize your feed no matter how often it changes.

Shopping campaigns live and die by their data feed. Keep yours in top shape with our capabilities for feed audits, such as seeing Google’s price benchmarks for products like yours. You can also analyze and manage your feed directly through Optmyzr.

Recreate Smart Shopping, now with more control than ever.

Optmyzr Smart Campaigns combine Smart Shopping automation with the control of Standard Shopping. Create Shopping campaigns with Target ROAS bidding to get search query data; higher limits for campaigns, ad groups, and product groups; negative keywords; and targets at the ad group level. Know more about Optmyzr Smart Campaigns.

Understand everything that happens in your Shopping campaigns.

Conduct a thorough analysis of your Shopping campaigns with several quality of life tools. Break down performance by attribute, adjust bids based on those same parameters, restructure product group split, or build groups of individual products for granular testing and control.

Automate tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks.

Build automated rules to keep Shopping campaigns in shape even when you’re away. You can take actions such as adding non-converting queries as negative keywords, reducing bids for expensive product groups, changing bids or product availability based on dates or weather, and more.

Take back control of your PPC destiny.

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Shopping Ads FAQ

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