Why jump through hoops to make PMax feel like Smart Shopping?

Take charge and achieve your desired results with our shopping-specific campaign type.

Own Your Shopping Success With Optmyzr Smart Campaigns

No one knows your business better than you do. With Optmyzr Smart Campaigns, you can have greater control over your e-commerce performance and set your own rules for success.

Build Shopping-Focused Campaigns

Create shopping campaigns with the automation benefits of Smart Shopping and PMax but with a higher level of control. The strategic mix of smart bidding, keyword management, and real-time insights lets you optimize your strategy for lower-funnel transactional intent.

Get More Control and Precision

Get the control and agility to structure your campaigns according to your specific shopping goals. Bid strategically for each product and segment to ensure your ads reach the right audience on the right channel.

Leverage Value-Based Bidding

Allocate your budget to products that offer the highest value to your bottom line with value-based bidding (tROAS). And by optimizing performance at the ad group level, you can go into granular details to maximize your budget.

Attract High-Value Traffic

Take charge of your campaigns’ performance with data-rich search query management, negative keyword exclusions, and intent-based keywords to sculpt your traffic into a finely tuned stream of potential customers.

Seize Every Optimization Opportunity

Stay on top of performance with data-driven insights to keep your campaigns running smoothly. You can easily fine-tune your budget allocation by digging into search queries (even for branded terms), analyzing ad triggers, and how much you spend per query.

Take back control of your PPC destiny.

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