How to install scripts in AdWords?

Downloading the script

If you already finished setting up the script for the account where you are going to run it, you need to download it.

You have the option to download the script to run it in a single account, or you can run it in several accounts at MCC level. For the second option, you can follow the steps detailed here.

We recommend you download the code as a txt. file (if you download it as an Excel file, you might lose information). Save it for later because you'll need to paste the code into your AdWords account.

Setting up the script in AdWords

You need to sign into your AdWords account and go to the account where you want to run the script. From the sidebar, click Bulk operations, then choose Scripts.

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After you click the "+ Script" button, in the "Script" field at the top you name your script.

In the editor box, delete all the characters and paste the code from the script file you downloaded previously.

If you're not ready to run your script yet, click "Save" above the editor. Or click the icon to the right of "Preview" to see a preview of the results of running your script for 30-seconds. You'll be prompted to grant access to run or preview the script.

Schedule the Script

To schedule the script to run automatically, you'll need to schedule it in your AdWords account.

For scripts that need to evaluate the account's performance (like Anomaly Report or Reach Target Budget), you need to schedule the script to run at least every hour on AdWords

Script File

If the script creates a file, it will go directly to the Google Drive of the accounts added to the settings in the script.
Also, in the "Logs" tab in Enhanced Script page, you'll find a direct link to the script file.

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