One-Click Optimizations FAQ

Frequently Ask Questions

One-Click Optimizations are focused on helping you manage and optimise your AdWords & Bing accounts. With real-time data from your accounts and based on their performance, the One-Click Optimizations give you suggestions that you can implement with one click to your PPC account.

How to undo changes?

Although you can't undo changes made by an optimization in Optmyzr, there is a way to do it from your AdWords account.

Go to the AdWords account in which you ran the optimization. In "Change History", click on the Undo icon to revert the changes that were made

The User that appears in AdWords belongs to the AdWords account email in Optmyzr and not the Optmyzr login email.

You can only undo changes that get recorded in the Change History in AdWords. 

If you need to remove bid adjustments (like an ad schedule), you'll have to follow the instructions available in AdWords.

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