PPC Account Management in Optmyzr - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About PPC Account Management in Optmyzr

Is it easy to connect my PPC account to Optmyzr?

Connecting accounts from AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Merchant Center, or Google Analytics is as simple as clicking a button on the respective engines’ authorization page to grant access to Optmyzr. This process takes less than 15 seconds and only has to be done once. You can even connect multiple accounts per engine which is super useful if you have to do an account audit for a PPC account that isn’t connected to your MCC.

Can I choose the accounts I connect to Optmyzr?

Yes, you can bring as many or as few of the accounts associated with your username with the engines into Optmyzr. That means you can control your monthly cost for Optmyzr.

How does Optmyzr apply changes to the engines?

Once you’re happy with a proposed optimization to your account, you click a button and the changes instantly start transmitting to the engines. Those changes are live in your account as quickly as their API is able to receive them. For all intents of purpose, this means your changes are live in your account as soon as you submit them.

Link an AdWords account to a different AdWords login

To change the email address (AdWords login email) through which an AdWords account is linked to Optmyzr, you need to send us an email with the following details:

  1. AdWords account ID
  2. New login email (new parent email) to which the account should be linked to

It's important that the new login email must be linked to Optmyzr before we can make the change in our backend. This is the only way the information of the account and any historical data associated with the account will remain intact, and the history doesn't get reset to zero in our system.

Link AdWords account to another AdWords login

If you need to change the AdWords login of an AdWords account linked to Optmyzr (relink it under a new AdWords profile), you need to send us the following information:

  • AdWords account name and ID
  • New AdWords login email

Once we receive this, we'll move the AdWords account to the new profile on our backend. 

Change the AdWords account name 

You can modify the account name in Optmyzr by clicking on the icon next to the account name.

You will only change the name in Optmyzr's interface. It won't affect the name of your account on AdWords.

Relink AdWords account to Optmyzr

If you unlinked and AdWords account from Optmyzr by mistake, you can link it again by clicking on the name 

Delete AdWords account

You can read how to remove/delete an account here.

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