Optmyzr Account Management - FAQs

Optmyzr connects with your AdWords account through OAuth system and pulls in data in real-time to make suggestions to optimize the performance of your AdWords accounts.  

Link an AdWords account to a different AdWords login

To change the email address (AdWords login email) through which an AdWords account is linked to Optmyzr, you need to send us an email with the following details:

  1. AdWords account ID
  2. New login email (new parent email) to which the account should be linked to

It's important that the new login email must be linked to Optmyzr before we can make the change in our backend. This is the only way the information of the account and any historical data associated with the account will remain intact, and the history doesn't get reset to zero in our system.

Can I assign different access levels?

All users associated with an Optmyzr account have equal access to the account. They can see all the AdWords accounts linked to Optmyzr and access all the tools. 

The option to assign access levels is available on the Enterprise plan. Please feel free to write to support@optmyzr.com for more information. You can read more about it here.

Add new users to your Optmyzr account

When working with a team on your PPC accounts, you can give every user their own Optmyzr account so that the activity logs will correctly show who made changes in AdWords.

How to add new Team members to Optmyzr?

  • Go to the MCC Dashboard page on Optmyzr
  • Click the link "Team."
  • Click the button to "Invite a new team member. You can invite one new team member at a time by entering their email address
  • This will send an invitation to the new team member to create their Optmyzr login and password
  • Once they create their Optmyzr login, they will be asked to verify it using a link they received in the e-mail

The invited team member will receive an email in a few seconds with a link to set up their login to access this Optmyzr account. You won't be able to invite a team member if they already create an account in Optmyzr.

How to remove Team members from Optmyzr?

Any team member on an Optmyzr account can remove access to a fellow team member by following the steps below:

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