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As account managers, we are frequently asked questions about why an AdWords or a Bing Ads account's performance changed. For example, Why did conversions/clicks drop last month? The PPC Investigator answers such questions by finding exactly which element in an AdWords account caused a metric to increase or decrease. Is it a keyword, placement, or an entire network that caused the change.

What is Search Query Volume? 

The Search Query Volume refers to the number of people whose searches in the search engine trigger a keyword in a given time period. In PPC Investigator, this term shows how many times searches were done in relation to the keywords in the account.

How should Search Query Volume metric be used for investigation?

You can use Search Query volume to investigate the cases where the number of Impressions reduces. It can help to figure out if the impressions reduced due to lower searches on a particular topic or if there is something else which needs a fix in the account.

How is the Search Query Volume calculated?

The search query volume is calculated based on the impression share metric that is available in the AdWords account. The metric is not present as is in AdWords but is calculated based on metrics available in AdWords.

Why would there be a drop in search query volume?

The query volume can go down because of multiple reasons. This happens when the topic defined in your target setting is not being queried on the Google. This can be because of seasonality or because the query volume was really high last month or if you made any changes in targeting users. 

What is Display Query Volume? 

Display query volume is the number of times people have searched for a topic defined in your targeting settings (such as interests, topics, placements, gender, age and your remarketing audiences) for a particular location on the display network.  

What do Negative/Positive top movers mean? 

In the Root Cause Analysis, the Positive/Negative Movers are the account items (Campaigns/Ad Groups/Product partition/Keywords, performaneetc.) that had the highest increase/decrease in the metric that is being investigated.

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