Optmyzr A/B Testing for Ads

The Optmyzr A/B Testing for Ads tool is a 100% data driven tool that helps you compare ads with statistically significant data in the same ad group. Using this tool helps you identify ads that meet your business goals or contribute to the success of your advertising campaign.

Purpose of the Tool

To ensure that your ads are effective and are contributing to your ROI, you will need to test them regularly and make sure to run only ads that contribute to higher sales or lead generation.
The tool's main purpose is to:

  • Find ads that have a better CTR for a company that wants to maximize traffic to their site
  • Maximize conversions for companies that sell a product or generate leads

This tool can also be used to:

  • Simplify ad testing process; it uses complex statistical significance calculations. Now you can identify winning ads based on real math and not just your gut feeling
  • Run analysis on existing ads without setting up separate ad experiments
  • Let your creative marketers worry about the ads and let our tool worry about the data crunching and math required to identify winners and losers
  • Turn every ad group into its own "horse race" where all the ads compete against each other. This tool can help quickly identify the winners from the different races going on in each ad group. Even better, you can eliminate all the losers with a single click

 How it Works

The Optmyzr A/B Testing for Ads tool is very simple and easy to use. By default, ads under each ad group are analyzed and tabulated for easy comparison. This tool compares all ads that have statistically significant data to filter out the underperformers and keep the winners in an ad group. It uses clickthrough rate, conversion rate and conversions per impression data from AdWords to make a recommendation.

Compare ads using click or conversion metrics

Review recommendations based on statistical model

Pause underperforming ads with just one click

Ideal for ad testing and AdWords optimization, the A/B Testing for Ads tool:

  • Uses statistical analysis to provide a snapshot of winning and underperforming ads in an ad group
  • Recommends underperforming ads to be paused; allows you to pause these ads, with just one click
  • Allows downloading and sharing of AdWords ads test results with other stakeholders


Speed up Ad testing time

Using the Optmyzr A/B Testing for Ads tool helps you speed up ad testing cycles. You can now run more tests for ads in the same amount of time and get to bigger ad improvements more quickly.

Tabulated analysis that simplifies decision making

Tabulated test results that help you compare ads on important click and conversion parameters. It saves you the effort of manually compiling data from each ad, creating a comparison table in a spreadsheet and defining formulae needed.

Quick optimizations

Data analysis and recommendations on AdWords optimizations (based on statistical significance of ads) are readily available. You can review the optimization recommendations and pause or stop underperforming ads, with just one click, without any delays.

Don't waste crucial AdWords budget

The pause feature in this tool helps you stop ads that are underperforming or eating into your advertising budget. This means that you can now quickly stop wasting money on ads that don't drive conversions. In effect, your AdWords budget can be directed to better performing ads.

On an average, saves 30 minutes to one hour every time

Save hours spent on creating and automating your weekly or monthly AdWords optimization. Running this tool for the first time helps you compare ads in a matter of seconds; a task that could take 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the amount of data.