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Track Quality Score at the campaign, ad group, and keyword level. Know which ad groups to optimize. Improve your ad rank on Google and reduce cost.

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What is Quality Score and why is it important?

Quality Score (QS) is a value that Google uses to determine how relevant your keywords, ads and landing pages are to a user's search query. It is like a keyword's report card. It is important because it influences the position at which an ad shows and how much you pay-per-click. It is a number between 1 and 10 with 10 being the best.

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Track Quality Score daily and see historical data

Google doesn't store historical Quality Score data. You can't see what the Quality Score was for a keyword a month ago.

  • See daily trends in Quality Score for keywords, ad groups & campaigns
  • Go back in time to see how Quality Score has evolved

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We tell you how to improve your AdWords Quality Score

In your AdWords account, Quality Score is only visible at the keyword level which makes it difficult to scrutinize and take action. The Quality Score Tracker:

  • Calculates Quality Score at the account, campaign and ad group level
  • Suggests ad groups to optimize based on Quality Score, traffic, cost & other factors.

Compare Quality Score data with other statistics

We know change in Quality Score impacts statistics like bids, avg. cost-per-click and traffic. But how do you see the correlation? The tracker lets you:

  • Overlay and compare Quality Score with other statistics to see the correlation
  • See if the changes you made to your account like max CPC bids and ad text helped increase Quality Score

Keyword distribution by Quality Score

Analyze the general health of your account by seeing how keywords are distributed in your account.

  • See percentage and absolute distribution of keywords by Quality Score
  • See cumulative statistics for each Quality Score level (coming soon)

Optimize for Quality Score

  • Save Money. Low Quality Scores result in higher average CPCs and higher costs. Keywords with high Quality Score have lower average CPCs so you get more traffic at the same cost.
  • Better Ad Position. Ads at higher positions have a better chance of being clicked on. Show your ad at a higher position even with low bids.
  • Ad Extensions. For ad extensions like Ad Sitelinks, that make your ad more prominent and only show at the top of the page, you need higher Quality Scores.
  • First page and top of page bids: With a good Quality Score, you need to bid lower to show up on the first page.

Automatic notifications (coming soon)

We keep an eye on your highest spending keywords. You'll get a notification if the Quality Score of a keyword drops suddenly.

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