Hourly Campaign Level Dayparts - User Guide

What does it do?

This script lets you set hourly bid adjustments for every campaign in AdWords. The AdWords website limits users to 6 dayparts per day, but this script enables 24 hourly dayparts by updating the bid adjustments for the next 5 hours. By running this script automatically every hour, you will always have your desired bid adjustments ready for the next couple of hours.

How does it work?

Basic Settings

The bid adjustments for this script are specified in a Google Spreadsheet. 

  • In your copy of the spreadsheet, update the bid adjustments by finding the cell in the sheet that corresponds to the day of week and hour of day you want to adjust.
  • A bid adjustment of 0% means your current maximum CPC will be unchanged. An adjustment of 10% means your maximum CPC will be increased by 10% to 110% of normal. A bid adjustment of -20% means your maximum CPC will be reduced by 20% to 80% of your normal bid.

Bid adjustments are restricted between -90% and +900%, just like if you were setting the adjustments through the AdWords website.

Advanced Settings

The settings in the Enhanced Script allow you to specify if you'd like to use the same settings for all campaigns.

  • Set to 'yes' if you'd like the Script to look for the "All Campaigns" tab and apply these settings to all campaigns. 
  • Set to 'no', if you'd like the Script to open all tabs and match the name to a campaign, & apply the settings to the matched campaign. 


Campaigns types supported by the script

The script updates campaign settings for all campaigns that are either active or paused.

Supported Campaign Types

The "Hourly Campaign Level Dayparts" Enhanced Script has been tested to work with the following types of AdWords campaigns:

  • Search
  • Search with Display Select
  • Display
  • Shopping

Supported Campaign Subtypes

The script has also been tested to work with the following campaign subtypes:

  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Remarketing

Unsupported Campaign Types

The script does NOT support these campaign types.

  • Video (YouTube)

We will add support for these campaign types as soon as Google adds this capability on their end.


If this script fails to run for more than 5 hours in a row, your account will have incorrect bid adjustments. When you no longer want to use this script, be sure to remove all dayparting bid adjustments manually.

Bid adjustments are stacked on top of each other. If you have geo bid adjustments and device bid adjustments, make sure you take these into consideration. For example, if your device modifier is 120%, and your geo modifier is 75% and your daypart adjustment is 110%, your final bid is 120% * 75% * 110% = 99%.

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