Keyword Lasso - User Guide

Add high performing search queries as keywords

What is the Keyword Lasso?

The Keyword Lasso is an optimization that automatically analyzes search terms and suggests high performing search queries that should be added as keywords to your AdWords account. These search terms are not currently present as keywords in the account.

With the new version of the Keyword Lasso, now you have the ability to create new ad groups that support the single keyword ad group (SKAG) structure. 

Optimization Strategy

Choose the strategy by which the system should show the recommendations. By default, the system selects 'Top Suggestions'. The different filters are explained below:

  • Top Suggestions: These are the top suggestions for the account at this point in time. These are search terms with conversions or a high CTR.
  • CTR: Search terms with a high CTR.
  • Conversions: Search terms with conversions.
  • CTR or Conversions: Search terms that have a high CTR or which have conversions.
  • Custom: Set a threshold on conversions, impressions, cost, and other metrics to see suggestions based on your optimization strategy. You can save your custom filter selection to use it next time you run the optimization. The filters can be saved for the team or at the individual level.

Select campaigns you want to view new keyword suggestions for. By default the optimization will show all campaigns that have eligible suggestions.

Date Range:
By default, the Keyword Lasso looks at last 90 days of data. You can change this setting and choose a different date range.

Turbo Mode*:
You can enable the Turbo Mode to remove the data threshold that the optimization imposes. After you enable the Turbo Mode, the system will show you all the search terms that received traffic and are not present as keywords in your account. You will also see search terms with even a single click that wouldn't show in the default mode. 

We strongly recommend using custom filters with the Turbo Mode.

Choose Columns and Create view

This setting gives you the option to customize the metrics you want to view. You can also click on 'Create View' to save the current selection of date range, columns, strategy, and other settings as a view.

Review and Upload Suggestions to AdWords 

Select search terms you want to upload as keywords and change the match type and behavior (positive or negative). 

The behavior and match type can be modified in bulk by selecting multiple search terms and changing the settings at the top of the table.  The search queries can be added as positive or negative keywords in one of the following keyword match types:

  • Broad: includes misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations.
  • Phrase: a phrase, and close variations of that phrase.
  • Exact: an exact term and close variations of that exact term.
  • BMM: contains the modified term (or close variations, but not synonyms), in any order. This match type is only available for positive keywords.

It is also possible to edit the search terms before adding them as keywords to your account by clicking on the search term.

Add Selected Keywords to Account

Clicking on this box will show a confirmation box. After you confirm, the selected search terms will be uploaded to your AdWords account.

Adding Negatives at Campaign and Ad Group Level

If you are looking to add negative keywords at the campaign and ad group level, you can use the Keyword Lasso optimization following the steps below:

  1. Turn on Turbo Mode. This will show even those search terms which had at least one click. 
  2. Set the Filter from "Top Suggestions" to "CTR or Conversions".
  3. Among all the suggestions, you can filter these to find the search terms with high cost and no conversions to add as negative keyword.
  4. You can choose to add the negatives at campaign level or ad group level.

Add Keywords in Multiple Match Types

The Keyword Lasso also gives you the option to add the same keyword in multiple match types. You just need to select the search term, press Duplicate and select the different match types you want to add it as a keyword in.

Move (Change Target Ad Group)

The Keyword Lasso shows the search terms under the campaign and ad group they were triggered in. After you select one of the keyword suggestions, you can change the campaign and ad group that the search terms are uploaded as keywords to. Clicking on the Move setting will open a window where you can:

  • Choose the campaign and ad group where you want to add the search term as a keyword.
  • Create a new ad group or select an existing ad group to move the keyword suggestion.

Add Labels to the Selected Keywords

After selecting the keywords you also have the option to label them before adding to the AdWords account. 

You can check some frequently asked questions here, and you can read about troubleshooting questions here.

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