Non Converting Keywords - Troubleshooting

I don't see suggestions in the Non Converting Keywords optimization. Why?

It might be due to the following reasons:

  • Keywords that haven't received enough traffic to convert will not show up even if they have zero conversions.
  • The keywords may not match the selected filter criteria. You can update the filters to ensure if it's the filters or the data which might be causing it. You can also enable the Turbo Mode to view more suggestions. In the Turbo Mode the system lowers the threshold it uses to recommend suggestions. For example, in the Non-Converting Keywords optimization you'll see all keywords that received at least 20 clicks but no conversions. *The Turbo Mode is not available for Bing Ads.
  • One Click Optimizations have been set up with intelligent threshold levels in order to make accurate suggestions for your account. These threshold levels squeeze out only the suggestions which match all the criteria. Bing accounts may have fewer or no suggestions often, as these accounts have much less traffic compared to an AdWords accounts. Thus, may not be able to match the threshold levels.

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