Emergency Stop Button - User Guide

What does it do?

The Emergency Stop Button Enhanced Script can be programmed to pause an entire AdWords account, if its associated website/domain is down. This script finds the ad groups associated with the domain that is down (which can be defined in the settings), labels them and pauses them. The labels are used to reactivate the ad groups when the issue is fixed. For example: This script can be used to pause an ad group from showing ads when a website's payment processor is down and orders can't be placed. 

Why should I use it?

The automated procedure of the scripts helps avoid making any human errors during the stressful minutes between finding an issue and dealing with it. After the script is enabled for an account, it automatically finds what needs to be stopped, labels it, pauses it and resumes it back when the domain/URL starts working.

How does it work?

Choose the account you want to run the script in and go to the All Enhanced Scripts page, or open it directly from this link

Note: The script should always have two settings created one to pause ad groups and the other to resume ad groups. This is to ensure that the ad groups can be resumed when the domain is back up. Also, this script has to be run manually in the AdWords account and should not be scheduled because it will pause/resume the ad groups that have that domain. It doesn't check if the domain is working or not. 

You can either create a new setting by selecting 'Create new setting' or 'Copy setting from an existing account'. To create a new setting, follow the steps below:

Basic Settings

Setting Name:
A script can have multiple settings for the same account, naming it properly for easy recall later will be helpful. For example, in one setting you can choose to pause a domain and in another setting you can choose to resume a labelled domain by naming it as 'Pause a domain' and 'Resume a domain'.

URL To Pause:
Specify the domain or the URL which you would want to stop or resume AdWords advertising for. With this setting, the script will find all ad groups that contain this domain.

Label Text:
Label text is the label that is assigned by the script when it pauses an ad group. This helps in easily recognizing the ad groups that are paused for when they need to be resumed.

Pause or Resume:
This selection will help in defining the action expected from the script. Select Pause or Resume from the drop down menu.

  • Selecting Pause will pause ad groups with the mentioned URL.
  • Selecting Resume will enable ad groups with the label defined in the "Label Text".

How to install and run the enhanced script?

After entering the details for the setting, click on 'Save settings'. This will give you an option to 'Download' the script which can then be installed in the AdWords account. For detailed steps on how to install a script in AdWords, read this article. Find a detailed user guide on Enhanced Scripts here

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