Bulk IP Exclusion - User Guide

Exclude Internet Protocol (IP) addresses from Optmyzr for multiple campaigns with one click using the Bulk IP Exclusion tool. The tool lets you exclude multiple IP addresses across campaigns to avoid unwanted clicks and impressions.

Why should you use Bulk IP Exclusion tool?

Optmyzr allows you to add Bulk IP Exclusions for multiple campaigns together. Unlike AdWords, where you can exclude IP addresses for only one campaign at a time. Excluding IPs helps you prevent showing your ad on networks that you believe are leading to unwanted and wasted clicks.

How do I access to it?

This optimization can be accessed here. This optimization is currently in Beta and we would love to hear your feedback. 

How does the Bulk IP Exclusion tool work?

  1. In the campaign selector on the left, select campaigns to which you want to add IP addresses for exclusion.

  2. Enter the IP addresses to exclude for the selected campaigns. Add one IP per line. You can upload upto 500 IPs (limit imposed by AdWords) to exclude per Campaign.

  3. Upload the IPs to your AdWords accounts by clicking on "Upload IP exclusions to AdWords"

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